WORLD AFRICA TOUR is a global development initiative based on the promotion of local resources in order to attract customers, development partners, investors to Institutions, Ministries, Decentralized Communities, Non-Governmental Organizations, Economic Interest Groups...

Our action can be summed up in three words: PROMOTION-IMPLEMENTATION-MONITORING .
WORLD AFRICA TOUR has two parts: the virtual part and the physical part.

WORLD AFRICA TOUR is a product of TLL CORPORATION, an Ivorian company.

In detail, it is: 90 days of intense product promotion and quality service from local businesses, agricultural and craft products, investment opportunities, economic and social projects from all sectors, local skills, clubs and football training centers, tourism potential and hoteliers, the local press .... by different physical and virtual media (web platforms, paper magazines, a call center, web TV).

WORLD AFRICA TOUR has been designed to meet the needs of decentralized communities, organizations, businesses, business people in Africa and other continents. Opportunities, project financing and business development, seeking partnerships, grants ... WORLD AFRICA TOUR gives access to any kind of opportunity, ensures in collaboration with different parties, follow-up to maximize profits. To join this initiative is to opt resolutely for success and development.

A team of experts in various fields of activity spread over the whole continent of Africa and on other continents deals with the implementation, monitoring and management of the achievements of the various campaigns for the benefit of the various participants.