STEP 1: Request for detailed information of the legal or physical person, acquisition of participation fees, collection of data (projects, video ads, product sheets, advertorial, images, video and PDF CVs ...), positioning in the different physical and virtual media. Launch of the campaign on the scheduled date. We organize 2 tours a year but continue to communicate, promote and sell the products, projects, opportunities ... of Africa in a more moderate way the rest of the time.
After the launch of the campaign, a team composed of call center operators specialized in different foreign languages and sectors of activity is at the disposal of the prospects of the whole world in order to inform effectively and then to refer to who of should, clients, partners, investors, tourists ...
A call center will be available in every African country. Things do not stop at the end of a campaign, the physical and virutel communication media remain operational permanently.
Nous contacter au +225 21 76 73 05 ou +225 0842 0858 ( Whatsapp) ou par e-mail:  Vous pouvez également cliquer sur ce lien
How to participate?
Contact us at +225 21 76 73 05 ou +225 0842 0858 ( Whatsapp) or by e-mail:  You can also click on this link .
French, English, Spanish, Portuguese,German, Chinese, Arabic, Russian.
In order to allow all the participants (institutions, decentralized collectivities, organizations, companies, private individuals ...) to take full advantage of the various opportunities, connections and acquired abroad, we have set up a Scientific and Monitoring Committee and We plan to set up in collaboration with different Instutions and Business Partners, Local Development Offices where there will be a Call Center, a teleconference room, a language school (for the rapid learning of Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese) throughout Africa.
We will give you more information in the weeks to come.Please visit this site, our pages on social networks as well as our TV shows, radio.
We will also communicate progressively the addresses of our local development offices throughout Africa. Please stay tuned.




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