The private sector is in no doubt the driving force of the economy of African countries. However, it is clear that most players in this sector, that is to say, companies fail to play their full part in the march towards development. The reasons are mainly the lack of significant financial means to carry out their activities and opportunities. The synergy of the corporate strengths of the private sector actors would be a beginning of the solution towards greater competitiveness. This will make it easier to find large amounts of money while creating an internal consumer market.


The African Business Network for Development is a group of companies from various sectors of activity throughout Africa. Each country is represented by a local branch: ex.
- Network of Nigerian Companies
- Networkd of Benin Companies.

The aim of the network is to support and effectively support African companies to success and facilitate:
- access to international financing without major constraints
- Access to local and international business opportunities
- the integration of their products and services in the global market via a large platform and central purchasing center worldwide
- access to quality services at preferential rates from other providers in the network.

Important to know

The company initiating the network, World Strategies Enterprise / TLL CORPORATION has for this purpose a database with thousands of contacts of investors, development partners around the world.

Within each local network will be formed from time to time groups of companies in relation to research of financing, import, market research on the local and international level.


NACD Membership entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Company page on different web platforms.
  • Possibility to access financing more easily.
  • Access to a large database of potential customers.
  • Access to services at discounted rates.
  • Printing works and various high-quality communication media at discounted rates.
  • A copy of the Project Funding Guide ..
  • Access to a satellite internet connection.
  • Solution for protecting internet access, the computer network.
  • Access to the best open-source software + training.
  • Access to collective premises for small businesses that do not have premises.

You are an African company based on the continent or in other parts of the world, do not stay alone!JOIN-US