TLL CORPORATION is an international company specialized in different sectors of activity including major development strategies.

Its mission is to intervene anywhere in the world and particularly in developing countries to create and put into practice practical and effective solutions and programs adapted to local needs.

At TLL CORPORATION, we believe that Africa has the intelligence and human resources to ensure the development of Africa. This is why we value intelligence, the only one capable of benefiting all, the countless riches available to our Africa.

TLL CORPORATION relies on a military-like organization and a dedicated, disciplined and highly skilled resource person in various divisions, development programs and services.

It will bring together an ever-growing group of companies and start-ups that it will help to create as part of its various activities.

Contribute effectively to the true development of African countries by proposing large-scale solutions adapted to the realities, needs of local populations. We are counting on this to bring together and synergize the resources available to Africa.